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Breaking down complex

problems into actions


Public Speaking


I believe the power of storytelling cannot be understated. From building confidence as a woman in STEM to navigating change, my talks are infused with real-life stories from my career that will inspire your audience to take action in their careers.



Some of the most impactful conversations in my career have taken place in mentorship calls, which is why I'm passionate about paying it forward to the next generation of women leaders. Whether you need help working towards a big career goal, preparing for a promotion, or navigating a difficult relationship at work, I can help you clarify the next steps to take action.

Gender Equity Consulting


I've built career accelerator programs, organized conferences, and hosted dozens of events in the gender equity space. Let's work together to design impactful programming that will move the needle for women in STEM.

I'm an engineer turned project manager and gender equity champion. My mission is to create systems that enable women in STEM to achieve their full career potential.

After spending 5 years designing complex systems for helicopters, I had a powerful realization: Engineering frameworks can be used to solve complex social problems, too.

This lightbulb moment kickstarted my journey to solve a problem near and dear to my heart: Gender equity in STEM.

What started out as a curiosity led me to conduct a Master's thesis on the world's largest tech-entrepreneurship program for girls led me to ​interviewing 60+ women in STEM on #TechTalks led me to organizing a national policy forum on women in STEM led me to... you get the drill.

I hold Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Applied Science degrees and am a licensed professional engineer. I have over 7 years of engineering & project management experience, ranging from defence to biotech, large corporations to nonprofits to startups.

My Story


Gender equity organizations, tech companies & individual women


I'm an impact-driven person, and I love working with folks who are equally passionate about creating impact. Whether you represent a gender equity nonprofit that is looking to host an impactful networking event; a tech company trying to establish equitable policies that support women in your organization; or an individual woman trying to level up your career, I can help you clarify your goals and create a plan to work towards making them a reality.


I apply engineering & project management principles to solve social problems. My work is based on frameworks including design thinking and technology stewardship.


As a connector, I build bridges in the gender equity space between individuals and organizations to amplify impact. Let's leverage my network to find the right stakeholders that will contribute to your success.


I believe that now is the time to act on gender equity in STEM - we don't need 20 more years of research to tell us what we already know. I bring an impact-oriented mindset to all  projects I work on.

Why work with me


  • I'm an individual woman in STEM. What's the best way to work with you?
    I currently offer free 30-minute mentorship calls. Please book a time here to connect.
  • Do you offer corporate training or workshops?
    Many of my talks & workshops can be adapted for a corporate setting. I specialize in career advancement for women in STEM, so my primary audience includes tech & engineering organizations and gender equity non-profit organizations. Please reach out to discuss availability, topics, and rates.
  • I'm hosting an event and want to partner with you. How can we work together?
    Event-based services I offer include panel moderation, public speaking, and project management support. Please reach out to discuss further!
  • How did you pivot from engineering to project management?
    I started my career working as an engineer in the defence industry. I worked in test engineering, systems engineering, and was a team lead for a software test automation team. Throughout all of these experiences, I discovered what motivated me about the work: Seeing a project through from start-to-finish, collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders, and supporting a team. Combined with my natural aptitude for organization and planning, this led me to project management. In order to officially make the leap from engineering to project management, I accepted a PM role at a company whose product I wasn't particularly passionate about. However, getting that "project manager" title on my resume opened many doors for me, and I'm now working at an organization I love that is moving the needle on pre-clinical drug discovery.
  • Who are inspiring women in STEM to follow?
    I've interviewed over 60 women in STEM on my show #TechTalks. Check out the recordings over on Instagram here!
  • I want to give back to women in STEM. What organizations should I get involved with?
    Organizations I have personally worked/volunteered with include Toast, SCWIST, Society of Women Engineers, and Technovation. There are dozens of other STEM organizations across Canada, so check out this handy directory I created if you want to dive deeper!

Your questions, answered


Let's Chat

Mentorship, Programs & Advocacy

Breaking down barriers for all #WomenInSTEM

I work with organizations to create real change 
that moves the needle on gender equity.

Opening Doors
Career Expo

I organized and executed a full-day career expo for over 100 women in tech featuring a career fair, panel discussion, presentations, and a networking event.

Policy Forum

I'm co-leading planning for the Policy Forum at the 2024 CCWESTT Conference. The Policy Forum will equip participants with the skills to drive systemic change that advances gender equity in STEM.

Bringing Engineering Into Politics
Panel Discussion

I moderated a panel discussion for National Engineering Month 2023 exploring the intersection between engineering and public policy. The event featured elected officials at a national and provincial level, as well as past candidates.

My impact in action


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